Monday, August 7, 2017

That sinking feeling

Driving in Atlanta has always been a challenge.
Who knew running in Atlanta was going to be a challenge?
Well, when there is a sinkhole along the 5K route, it is!
So, the 680 The Fan Tailgate 5K this past weekend became a 1-mile fun run.
Believe me, hearing the alarm go off at 5:15 a.m., I did wonder why I was doing it for just a mile.
I think a lot of folks wondered the same thing because there were far fewer people for this annual Atlanta Track Club event this year than in year's past.
Still, it was a free ATC race, so I was up and out the door!
This race is "themed" for college football season, so my friend Angela and I showed up in our Missouri Tiger running attire.
Representing Mizzou!

I (heart) Mizzou

Mizzou runners
 Angela and I weren't the only ones up early for a 1 miler. Michelle and Dana were there too!
Ready to run
Mizzou finisher!
So, the one good part about this race it is was over (for me) in 11:30 minutes. We talked about jogging around Chastain Park for another two miles, and we all talked ourselves out of it! LOL
Maybe we all got that sinking feeling when it came to more exercise.

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