Monday, September 18, 2017

Running those meaningful miles

After a crazy week, with no power for two days and just general upheaval thanks to Tropical Storm Irma, I ran one of my favorite 5Ks in Atlanta, the Back on My Feet Meaningful Miles 5K.
This race used to be a four miler, but is now a 5K. It still retains that crazy hill on North Avenue near the Historic Fourth Ward Park, though.
I ran this race with my friend Angela, and somehow managed to forget to take our picture either before or after the race!
So no smiling faces of accomplishment. Oh well.
This race benefits Back on My Feet Atlanta, which helps homeless men and women through the discipline of running. It is always a joy to see folks come out and celebrate human endeavor and achievement.
It makes for some very meaningful miles.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Oh, the Humana-ty 5K

I've run a lot of Rock N Roll Marathon series races (all half marathons, thank you very much) and I like the support the race organizers give. I think it might be pretty pricey compared to other races, but there is good support.
So imagine my delight when a FREE 5K came to Atlanta courtesy of the Rock N Roll series. Sign me up!
Actually, it was $5, because that was a donation to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, but still. Essentially a free race.
Saturday morning was beautiful.  Slightly cool, but very sunny. Fall running is just around the corner in Atlanta. And look, we started and finished right near the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
At the start

Along the course

Near the finish
We didn't get a race T-shirt with this one, but we did get a very nice finisher's medal.

Very nice finisher's medal
I'm sort of sad there is only one or two more Rock N Roll races I would consider, since I still need Arizona and Virginia. There is the Phoenix and Virginia Beach Rock N Roll races that I could run. But that's about it, unless they add some states. And lately they haven't added U.S. states, they've abandoned them. They have added more international races, but I'm not there yet. Let me get those 50 states in and then I'll consider a race in Paris or Rome!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Putting it in park

You can almost feel fall around the corner, especially last Saturday at the Run for the Park 5K in Grant Park.
Still a little humid, but the temperatures weren't too bad. That touch of fall.
I'd never done this race before, and it benefits Grant Park, which is a lovely park where Zoo Atlanta is located. Ran it with my friends Carolyn and Angela. Angela used to live in the Grant Park neighborhood and still lives close enough to walk her dog or run there.
Me, Angela and Carolyn
Angela has been battling a sore leg. I'm still troubled by my right IT band. Nevertheless, we persisted. Carolyn ran a fairly good time, but none of us won in our age group. I think we all hoped a little since it was a smaller community race, but not small enough!

Monday, August 21, 2017

The finest runners

There were no sinkholes for Saturday's Atlanta's Finest 5K, so I got all three miles in that day.
This is the race, also sponsored by Atlanta Track Club, that benefits Atlanta Police Foundation, and where the Atlanta Police Department puts some of its cool equipment on display. The mounted patrol was even there and I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of the beautiful horses.
My friends Michelle and Angela were there as well. It was hot and humid, but we made it!
Atlanta's finest runners
It was a bit cooler Saturday morning, for August, and we all commented how we were ready for fall temps to really begin to enjoy running. I especially thought that when I was out at Stone Mountain Sunday morning in 78 degree temps at 9 a.m. to run five miles.
What could be finer?

Monday, August 7, 2017

That sinking feeling

Driving in Atlanta has always been a challenge.
Who knew running in Atlanta was going to be a challenge?
Well, when there is a sinkhole along the 5K route, it is!
So, the 680 The Fan Tailgate 5K this past weekend became a 1-mile fun run.
Believe me, hearing the alarm go off at 5:15 a.m., I did wonder why I was doing it for just a mile.
I think a lot of folks wondered the same thing because there were far fewer people for this annual Atlanta Track Club event this year than in year's past.
Still, it was a free ATC race, so I was up and out the door!
This race is "themed" for college football season, so my friend Angela and I showed up in our Missouri Tiger running attire.
Representing Mizzou!

I (heart) Mizzou

Mizzou runners
 Angela and I weren't the only ones up early for a 1 miler. Michelle and Dana were there too!
Ready to run
Mizzou finisher!
So, the one good part about this race it is was over (for me) in 11:30 minutes. We talked about jogging around Chastain Park for another two miles, and we all talked ourselves out of it! LOL
Maybe we all got that sinking feeling when it came to more exercise.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A July 4th tradition

I ran my 16th Peachtree Road Race this morning.
It was hot. It was humid. I walked quite a bit. I finished!
The race, for me, actually began Sunday at the expo. I always look forward to the expo, visiting the vendors and seeing friends. I met my friend Angela there and ran into running buddy Carolyn as well.
Yes it does! Entering the expo

Hey, that's me!

Me, Carolyn and Angela

Ready to race!
The weather forecasts were for very hot and humid, so the Atlanta Track Club put up a code red for the event. It meant lots of water and electrolytes for the two days leading up to race morning.
Angela was in charge of our costume. We wore flag tutus and patriotic headbands. While I was riding in on  MARTA I started talking with other women in tutus and they gave me their left over face stickers, so we had those, too!
All smiles

We're twins!

Wave L ready to start

And we're off!
Angela and I started out OK, but my IT band was really tight and her foot began bothering her, so we ended up walking quite a bit of the race. So, if it's hot and you find random strangers handing out Bloody Marys, you have one!
After we finished we visited with friends Ellie and Dave, having mimosas before we headed off to lunch. All in all, a top notch July 4th! Friends, running, food and fun is certainly my July 4th tradition.

Monday, July 3, 2017

More Than Pink

With Interstate 85 under repairs back in May, the Komen Race for the Cure in Atlanta, which is always held over Mother's Day weekend, got postponed this year until June 24.
It was with slightly weary legs that I ran the 5K this year.
I worried that with the postponement, it would be much hotter than usual for the race, but we got a little drizzle that morning. Kept temperatures down, even if it was a bit more humid.
Nevertheless it was a great event.

At the start
It's been 11 years now since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The start of the race always tears me up, though, thinking of my friends who were not so lucky to survive so long. The need to find a cure or better treatments is still very critical.
Survivor's medal
The Komen race also always makes me reflect on where I am today. It makes me realize I'm so much more than my cancer diagnosis. In fact, I am much more than pink.