Saturday, April 22, 2017

Oh those low-key charity races!

So, I ran the Shrimp Scamper 5K today.
It was a 5K just a mile from my house and one of those low-key charity races. I've run these before and you'd think I would have learned my lesson.
The course was not well marked and very disorganized. It was supposed to be 3 1-mile loops. Except a lot of folks on the 5K race kept missing one of the crazy loops in the neighborhoods to make it a 5K. I stayed true to the course, until I realized the course was longer than a 5K, so on my last loop I skipped the final crazy loop everyone else had been skipping all along.
As I was running, I was thinking how I never learn my lesson with these races. These fly-by-night organizations that don't have the skill or manpower to put on a good race. I've read great articles in Runner's World warning about these races.
Yet here I was on a course of the "second annual" race.
And I came in first in my age group.
So, that is kind of the great part of these little half-assed organized races. I can actually win in my age group in my slow running way.
Won in my age group!
 OK, here is my confession. I was the ONLY one in my age group. Well, there was a master's division and someone won a very nice pint glass. I have no idea how old the master's winner was. It wasn't me. And there were no other winners in the women's division 50-54. So here I am with my medal!

Yep, I won!
So, beware of small charity races. You just might scamper along and win in your age group, despite poorly marked courses. :D

All the Singleton Ladies

Ah, the Singleton 5K and its crazy course.
Angela and I ran the Atlanta Track Club's Singleton 5K April 15. There is a 10K as well, but it is a double loop of the crummy course, so, no thanks.
The race is in Norcross, in the cute little downtown area. One would hope that we ran anywhere near the cute little downtown area, but we don't. We loop around in a crazy way along the most boring neighborhoods imaginable.
Oh well. Angela and I were all smiles at the start.
Angela and me at the start
Not my best time. I still feel like I'm really slow and running injured. I had a lot of problems with my right calf cramping along the course. I'm to start my training for the half marathon in Anchorage, and here I am limping along in a 5K! Not good.
Well, here's hoping this Singleton doesn't have double trouble in training.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Winning Women

I love lovely surprises, especially when it comes to running.
My running buddy Angela set up a team for the Atlanta Women's 5K on March 25. Unfortunately for Angela, she couldn't make the team she set up because of a family emergency, but we found a substitute and ran our race at Chastain Park.
This is an Atlanta Track Club event and usually draws some of the ATC elite runners.
The route was slightly changed this year, but ATC still managed to put in some killer hills on this course. It's what I always groan about when I see a 5K hosted at Chastain Park. It will be plenty hilly.
And, no surprise, I brought up the rear in our four-woman team of Carolyn, Susan, Donna and me.
We were pretty certain, given all the elite runners around us, that we had not won an award, so we left the event during the award ceremony for brunch. We should have stuck around. We WON in the competitive masters division!
I've still got to pick up our awards from the ATC office, but I'm excited that we won. A very nice surprise.
The other nice surprise was the free photos for the 5K.
Coming into the finish

Me and Carolyn


Peace out!

What's with the face?

Nasty Women!

Finisher's medal

Crossing the finish

Susan, me and Carolyn
Team Nasty Women! turned out to be winning women, too.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Water droppin' all around

Angela and I ran the Water Drop Dash 5K this morning. And there was water dropping all around for this race!
It was raining as I left the house and was still raining when I parked the car and headed the 3/4  mile to the start. By the time I got there my shoes and socks were wet and I felt cold.
The rain tapered off as Angela got there and we stripped out of our rain ponchos and ran the race. It is pretty flat and starts and finishes near the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Since it runs close to the river or maybe an offshoot of the river, the course is pretty flat.
The best part of the race? Free photos! So here are Angela and I having fun along the race.:

If I close my eyes am I finished?!

Esprit d'coeur

Running buddies!

Angela headed to the finish

Almost done!

Bringing it in
I really do like this race for several reasons. First, it's pretty flat. Second, the post-race festival is AWESOME. This year (and in year's past) I've gotten some veggie seeds for my garden, some water-saving devices, and other goodies. Really, for such a small race, it has great stuff.
I'm ready to plant some seeds next weekend! And then I'll drop a little water on them.

Breakfast Bandits

The Charles Harris 10K was much later this year.
In fact, it made me a little sad that it was.
This year, because of how the dates fell, my 11th anniversary, or as us survivors call it, cancerversary fell on Wednesday, Feb. 22. The date I was first diagnosed with cancer. That meant Saturday, Feb. 25 was soon to follow. That year, in 2006, several friends and I ran the Charles Harris 10K in 45 degree weather in the pouring rain. Then returned to my house for a pancake breakfast.
And a tradition was born. Well, the breakfast part. Not the being diagnosed with cancer part.
This year, we started a team, the Breakfast Bandits.
Six fellow runners ended up at the house for bacon, pancakes, coffee and mimosas. Just two small words about the bacon. Smoke detectors. Both of mine began going off as we cooked up a pound of bacon. That was fun!
The race itself was nearly perfect. Low temps, sunny, no rain or wind. However, since I haven't been running with any regularity, the race was pretty slow for me. Still, I finished and got home in time to start breakfast. It was so much fun.
The Breakfast Bandits
Here's who all attended: Carolyn, me, Dana, Michelle, Angela and Susan. We are a great little band of bandits. Who eat breakfast.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Running with a mission

My final 5K in February and still fighting off the crud. This has been a tough month! I do not like being sick for so long.
I ran the Atlanta Mission 5K with several running buddies Saturday, Feb. 18. I've run this race before, and I've run it when it was really, really cold out, which brings home the goal of ending homelessness. The weather was really nice this year, other than a little drizzle about half way through the race.
Ready to run!

Finisher's medal
So this race didn't hand out finisher's medals, but you could buy one for $5. When I saw them, I decided I did want one. As my friend Angela, who also got one, said, it's only $5 and the money goes to the Atlanta Mission.
I'm glad to have gotten out to run the race, but I must say I'm glad I don't have a race next weekend. Of course, then I'll probably be feeling better and will want to get out and run!
Maybe I can make it my mission to feel better AND go for a run next weekend.

Running with Hearts & Soles

Running while sick is really no fun.
I ran the Hearts & Soles 5K Feb. 11, even though I wasn't feeling my best. I have had a horrible head cold/flu/plague.
But I knew I would be seeing my running buddies, so I dragged myself to the race.
I had a good time, even if I sort of ran out of steam at mile one.

Silliness before the race
Good thing I did manage to run it. Angela and I created a team and we took third place in the in-competition masters division! We left before we heard we'd won, but our prize would have been a candy bar. I think I can let that prize go! My waistline will be happy I did.