Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Running on injury

So, that high hamstring pull is still bothering me. I am not running on it (much) because really, I just want to walk. I may do a light jog, but even that doesn't feel so good, so it is mostly a brisk walk for me now.
Which is why I had a good and not so good experience at the May 12 Tucker Road Race 5K.
I met up bright and early with my Tucker Running Club friends. Here we all are just before the start (I'm WAY in the back).
Tucker runners
My running buddies Susan and Carolyn are members (they are the ones who got me interested in joining the Tucker group).
Early start! 

Me, Susan and Carolyn
So, I lined myself up in the back of the pack, expecting to walk and my Tucker runner friend Katie,  who is 7 1/2 months pregnant was in the back too. I had such a nice time walking,  jogging and talking with her, getting to know her better. We jog walked until about the last mile, and we walked the rest of the way in. We came in around 52 minutes. Not too shabby.
Well, unfortunately, the Tucker Road Race folks had a problem with the race timing and anyone who came in after 47 minutes was declared a non entrant! What?!?!? So, Katie and I, and anyone else who was slower than 47 minutes, didn't get any race results.
I supposed should be grateful that slow time wasn't recorded for posterity on the internet! ha!
I have no races for another month, so a little more time to let my muscle heal. No running on injury for me!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Singleton 4 Miler

Remember that twinge I had been feeling in my high hamstring? Well, it finally can be called a pull.
I like to call it a "high hamstring pull" because saying "I broke my ass" doesn't sound nearly as medical. That's what it feels like though. A pull right on my left sits bone.
So the Atlanta Track Club's Singleton 4 Miler was a question mark for the leg injury and the fact I came home from Delaware with what felt like the plague. A head cold and possibly allergies made me feel really crummy. But I got up Saturday and got myself to Thrasher Park in Norcross for the race.
This race used to be held in Tucker, which would have been closer for me. It also used to be a 5 Miler, then a 5K/10K, and this is the first year it was a 4 Miler. It was an OK course, a lot of out and back and doubling back on some roads. But overall it wasn't too bad.
Met up with the Tucker Running Club before the race.
There's one in every crowd. Ha ha!
Maybe I should have worn my Tucker shirt?! :D
I thought I was going to end up walking the whole route, but I managed some very easy jogging. I walked when I felt my leg really twinge. I'll be taking it easy for the next few weeks (a 5K race is on tap in two weeks).

What did Delaware?

She wore her new finisher's medal from state No. 31!
I ran the Coastal Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon April 22 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
I'd never been to that state and I'm so glad I picked this race to check off Delaware. Rehoboth Beach is a lovely little beach town. Because it was April, it wasn't too crowded. I imagine in the summer the little place is packed, but in late April before the tourist season it was very pleasant.
I ran this race with my friends Carolyn and Susan. Carolyn is a 50 Stater for marathons, finishing up last year, but she said she ran a race in Wilmington to get Delaware, so this was new for her, too.
Carolyn and Susan invited their friends James and Blanca and we rented a cute little house not far from the main downtown area. We flew into Philadelphia, rented a car and once we got to Rehoboth Beach we didn't get in the car again until we left. It was nice to be able to walk everywhere and have a nice house to relax in. James and Blanca came in from the D.C. area.

Me, Carolyn and Susan

Me, James, Susan, Carolyn and Blanca
Saturday we wandered along the boardwalk, did some shopping and picked up our race packets. We also found the greatest restaurants! Did some nice eating while there.
Sunday morning was race day. Carolyn and I got there a bit before Susan.
At the start
The course was almost and out and back up to Cape Henlopen State Park, so in parts it felt more like a trail run and then we ran over some boardwalks as well. There were large dunes along the course as well. It was nice to see them undisturbed as we ran along the boardwalk.
This was my slowest half marathon ever. Well over 3 hours. I wasn't able to train as well as I should and I've been feeling a twinge in my left high hamstring for a while. I was able to finish, but there was a lot of walking!
Along the course

Near the finish
 The post-race party was nice. We got free pizza and beer (I only had a few sips, and then I discovered the free fountain drinks!) We also got a pint glass with the race logo on it. I love getting pint glasses. I'm drinking my iced tea out if it as I type this blog!
State No. 31 is complete! 

Sun catcher finisher's medal
The finisher's medal has a bit of a sun catcher quality to it, with the translucent blue along the top.
And all weekend I kept remember the children's rhyming game: What did Delaware? She wore her New Jersey. In my case, she wore a mighty fine finisher's medal.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lunatic Ladies

I ran the Atlanta Women's 5K last weekend with some "Lunatic Ladies," and although our team came in second in the grandmaster division, there was no prize this year.
The weather was really nice for the race this year. I've been rained out of this one in year's past. Actually, it was the lightning that canceled it.
It was held at Cheney Stadium near Grant Park. We ran around part of Zoo Atlanta (and thankfully didn't smell the animals!).
There was a good turnout for the race from the Tucker Running Club, so I wore my TRC shirt.
Tucker Runner Club women

Lunatic Ladies
My friends Carolyn, Susan, Donna and Karen and I made up the "Lunatic Ladies" team for the race. An elite Atlanta Track Club grandmasters team won the division -- no fair! But we came in second. Unlike last year, there was no prize for second place. Drat.
Coming in at the finish


Donna & Karen
Finisher's medal
The finisher's medals for this race have always been so lovely, although I do sort of miss not getting the Smart Glass Jewelry we used to receive for finishing. I still wear those necklaces. They are some of my favorites.
Again, not my best race. I seem to be getting slower and slower. This does not bode well for the Delaware half marathon next weekend. I'm glad there is a 4-hour limit on that one.
Or maybe I'm just a Lunatic Lady for punishment! Ha!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Victory in Virginia

State No. 30 is complete! At long last, I was able to run a race in Virginia.
If you follow this blog,  you'll remember I was scheduled to run a 5K at Virginia Beach in the fall of 2016, but Hurricane Matthew had other ideas. The race was canceled and my family and I had to leave our vacation early to evacuate.
Well, we ended up in Williamsburg for vacation this spring break and lo and behold I found the Victory at Yorktown 10K the Saturday we were there. Now, I would have much preferred a 5K, but there was no 5K option.
The race was cold, rainy and windy: the running trifecta. Not my fastest 10K. In fact, a few seconds slower than the Charles Harris 10K when my ribs were freshly smashed.
I wish the weather had been better because the course was through the Yorktown Revolutionary War battlefield, but it was hard to enjoy the scenery when I was just trying to avoid puddles and plod along in my rain poncho.
A fife and drum corps at the start
 The race started with the blast of musket guns and men and boys in historic costumes. I could only get a photo of the fife and drum corps that played at the start of the 1-mile fun run that started a half hour before the 10K. I missed getting a photo of the the musketeers. Because it was raining they quickly put their muskets back in protective sleeves.
Jill and me at the start
I've always said what I love about running is meeting new people at races. Here is Jill, a real estate agent who was running the race. We got to talking and, of course, I had to get our photo!
Victory at Yorktown monument
The race course passed the Victory at Yorktown monument twice. I got it on the way toward the finish line.
It's raining and windy! Can you tell?!


Post race glory. Jill and I celebrate with a beverage
This race had a nice post-race celebration that included hot soup, sandwiches and adult beverages. I had a nice glass of red wine to warm me up after the race. (And some soup, which really hit the spot!)
So state No. 30 is in the books. I finally had a victory in Virginia!

A dry water drop dash

Last year, the Water Drop Dash 5K included water drops, so I was happy this year the race was dry!
It was a cool morning, but not cold and I got to see the sun rise at the Chattahoochee River, always a pleasant treat.
View from the start line
I won't say this was my fastest 5K. My ribs still  hurt from the fall, but they are getting better every day.
Coming in for the finish!

Almost there!
What I enjoy about this race is it is right at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, so I can go visit the injured birds of prey they have there: the hawks, the bald eagles, the owls. And I get some interesting swag, including water conservation kits, a water hose nozzle, etc. No pint glass this year! I was hoping I'd add to my collection, but sadly, not this year. Still, it is a race I enjoy, water drops or no.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Have a nice trip, see you next fall

Well, two weeks ago I fell while running and severely bruised (or cracked) my ribs.
I was running with the Tucker Running Club on its Sunday morning group run and caught my toe on a piece of uneven sidewalk and went down like a sack of potatoes. I landed on my left side, and for good measure, managed to kick myself in the right calf on my way down. Oof! I had to bail on my 3-mile training run and hobble back to the car and home, where ice and ibuprofen awaited.
So, I wasn't exactly ready for the Charles Harris 10K not even a week later.
Honestly, I should not have even attempted it, especially after I looked to see I only had 75 minutes on the course. This is NOT a walker-friendly event. What's worse (for me, with very sore ribs) is it is a point-to-point race, so I couldn't just double back to my car and be done with it, or just do one 5K loop and skip the second. It was all or nothing. If I bailed, I'd have no way back to my car, which was parked at the finish. I must say I did look good at the start with friends Carolyn and Susan!
Carolyn, me and Susan
I even ran into my friend Kellie on the bus that takes us to the start, but I forgot to get a photo of us.
It was a long, slow slog. I came in third from last. I've never been that far behind, but it was hard to run for any length of time. I did finish, so there's that!
Usually after the Charles Harris I host a breakfast, but this year, with it being just Carolyn and Susan, we went to the Tucker Running Club brunch. It was fun. There were LOTS of mimosas afterward. Now that's my kind of running club! Ha!
Brunch group photo
I got out this morning with the Tucker Running Club again this morning for 7 miles. The first four were OK. I thought my ribs were doing OK, but by the last three I was wiped out. Couldn't run at all. Just had to walk. This is not looking so good for the half coming up in a mere four weeks!
On the plus side, I managed to stay upright for the whole seven miles today, so better days are ahead!