Saturday, March 18, 2017

Water droppin' all around

Angela and I ran the Water Drop Dash 5K this morning. And there was water dropping all around for this race!
It was raining as I left the house and was still raining when I parked the car and headed the 3/4  mile to the start. By the time I got there my shoes and socks were wet and I felt cold.
The rain tapered off as Angela got there and we stripped out of our rain ponchos and ran the race. It is pretty flat and starts and finishes near the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Since it runs close to the river or maybe an offshoot of the river, the course is pretty flat.
The best part of the race? Free photos! So here are Angela and I having fun along the race.:

If I close my eyes am I finished?!

Esprit d'coeur

Running buddies!

Angela headed to the finish

Almost done!

Bringing it in
I really do like this race for several reasons. First, it's pretty flat. Second, the post-race festival is AWESOME. This year (and in year's past) I've gotten some veggie seeds for my garden, some water-saving devices, and other goodies. Really, for such a small race, it has great stuff.
I'm ready to plant some seeds next weekend! And then I'll drop a little water on them.

Breakfast Bandits

The Charles Harris 10K was much later this year.
In fact, it made me a little sad that it was.
This year, because of how the dates fell, my 11th anniversary, or as us survivors call it, cancerversary fell on Wednesday, Feb. 22. The date I was first diagnosed with cancer. That meant Saturday, Feb. 25 was soon to follow. That year, in 2006, several friends and I ran the Charles Harris 10K in 45 degree weather in the pouring rain. Then returned to my house for a pancake breakfast.
And a tradition was born. Well, the breakfast part. Not the being diagnosed with cancer part.
This year, we started a team, the Breakfast Bandits.
Six fellow runners ended up at the house for bacon, pancakes, coffee and mimosas. Just two small words about the bacon. Smoke detectors. Both of mine began going off as we cooked up a pound of bacon. That was fun!
The race itself was nearly perfect. Low temps, sunny, no rain or wind. However, since I haven't been running with any regularity, the race was pretty slow for me. Still, I finished and got home in time to start breakfast. It was so much fun.
The Breakfast Bandits
Here's who all attended: Carolyn, me, Dana, Michelle, Angela and Susan. We are a great little band of bandits. Who eat breakfast.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Running with a mission

My final 5K in February and still fighting off the crud. This has been a tough month! I do not like being sick for so long.
I ran the Atlanta Mission 5K with several running buddies Saturday, Feb. 18. I've run this race before, and I've run it when it was really, really cold out, which brings home the goal of ending homelessness. The weather was really nice this year, other than a little drizzle about half way through the race.
Ready to run!

Finisher's medal
So this race didn't hand out finisher's medals, but you could buy one for $5. When I saw them, I decided I did want one. As my friend Angela, who also got one, said, it's only $5 and the money goes to the Atlanta Mission.
I'm glad to have gotten out to run the race, but I must say I'm glad I don't have a race next weekend. Of course, then I'll probably be feeling better and will want to get out and run!
Maybe I can make it my mission to feel better AND go for a run next weekend.

Running with Hearts & Soles

Running while sick is really no fun.
I ran the Hearts & Soles 5K Feb. 11, even though I wasn't feeling my best. I have had a horrible head cold/flu/plague.
But I knew I would be seeing my running buddies, so I dragged myself to the race.
I had a good time, even if I sort of ran out of steam at mile one.

Silliness before the race
Good thing I did manage to run it. Angela and I created a team and we took third place in the in-competition masters division! We left before we heard we'd won, but our prize would have been a candy bar. I think I can let that prize go! My waistline will be happy I did.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Breaking my fast from running

I've been down with a bad cold since Jan. 29. I started to feel off that day and by Monday, Jan. 30, I was really congested and feeling poorly.
I wasn't exactly recovered but I met up with my running buddy Michelle for the FastBreak 5K, which is an Atlanta Track Club race done in conjunction with the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.
Ready to run with Michelle
The race started at Philips Arena, home of the Hawks. The morning was cold, and I wasn't feeling that great, so my time on this 5K was pretty slow. I managed to run the first mile, but then there was a lot of walking in miles two and three.
Post-race fun
The race wasn't too bad. The nice part of the race was runners got a ticket to a Hawks game and Michelle and I, and our running friend Dana, went to the game that night. The Hawks played, and beat, the Orlando Magic.
Pre-game festivities
I really enjoyed the race and the game that night, despite not feeling well. It's one I'll likely do next year.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hot Chocolate in Hotlanta

I ran the Hot Chocolate 5K in Atlanta on Sunday. This time, the race day temps were not as cold as the past few years.
And thankfully, it was not raining.
I was supposed to run the Run With the Dogs 5K on Saturday, but as happened a couple of years ago, bad storms canceled the race. Not before I had arrived, however. Just like a couple of years ago!
The weather was iffy for Sunday, too, and I woke up around 3 am to lightning and thunder. Thankfully, all the rain and storms had moved off by race time.
I ran with my friend Kellie. We've run this one together before, and she ran the 15K, while I ran the 5K.
Me and Kellie pre-race

Me and Kellie ready to run

Rise Up Falcons fans!
 So, the Atlanta Falcons football team played the Green Bay Packers later Sunday evening, and downtown buildings were showing off their Falcons colors of red and black. By the way, Falcons beat the Packers rather handily and are headed for the Super Bowl!
Can't even see the top of the Westin for the fog
 Just because the rain had stopped, the skies were rather foggy. As you can see from the photo above, the 72-story Westin hotel in downtown Atlanta was socked in.
Ready to start
Who is that runner in the blue hat and pink jacket around her waist? That's me!
The Hot Chocolate 5K offered free photos with the race, but as you can see, I didn't get a free photo of me. Well, not really. I'm behind the woman in the center frame.
Kellie's 15K started about 25 minutes ahead of my 5K, which actually worked out well. She finished just a few minutes ahead of my finish. We met up after the race, drank our hot chocolate and ate some of the chocolate treats and then headed home.
I think I'm done with the Hot Chocolate race. It's expensive, and this year's jacket wasn't nearly as nice as the ones in year's past. It's OK. We had a good run!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Drumming and running

I can certainly tell I am WAY out of running practice. I had the MLK Day Drum Run 5K on Monday and my legs felt heavy afterward. Time to get back at it and run more, be inactive less.
I met up with my running buddies Angela, Carolyn and Susan for the race.
Susan, Angela, me and Carolyn
This is the race that has middle and high school drum lines along the route, which is completely contained within Piedmont Park in Atlanta.
Hearing the beat
This race, because it is within Piedmont Park, is part cross country race, part 5K. You start by running across the meadow and then winding around walking and running trails in the park.
Coming into the finish
I must have enjoyed the race, I'm smiling!
We finished up the race and met up with Susan and Carolyn's friend Donna, who has become my newest running buddy.
It was a great race. The temps were cool, but not cold. And it was good to get back to running.