Saturday, March 18, 2017

Water droppin' all around

Angela and I ran the Water Drop Dash 5K this morning. And there was water dropping all around for this race!
It was raining as I left the house and was still raining when I parked the car and headed the 3/4  mile to the start. By the time I got there my shoes and socks were wet and I felt cold.
The rain tapered off as Angela got there and we stripped out of our rain ponchos and ran the race. It is pretty flat and starts and finishes near the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Since it runs close to the river or maybe an offshoot of the river, the course is pretty flat.
The best part of the race? Free photos! So here are Angela and I having fun along the race.:

If I close my eyes am I finished?!

Esprit d'coeur

Running buddies!

Angela headed to the finish

Almost done!

Bringing it in
I really do like this race for several reasons. First, it's pretty flat. Second, the post-race festival is AWESOME. This year (and in year's past) I've gotten some veggie seeds for my garden, some water-saving devices, and other goodies. Really, for such a small race, it has great stuff.
I'm ready to plant some seeds next weekend! And then I'll drop a little water on them.

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